Thursday, July 8, 2010

upcoming events

Hi Guys- hope everyone had a great Independence Day holiday & is refreshed. I wanted to pass along some some changes to the Boosters program this year & possible upcoming events.
Boosters has had a bit of a financial set back this year & is unable to fund certain events. Now I know what you are asking, "OK, how does this effect me?", well, I am glad you asked! How this effects everyone is the ability to have a block party. Here are some things we are looking at in it's place:
1) Having a night out at the Ball Park. We can do an "all you can eat" picnic, which includes your ticket, for about $13.50 each. We need 20 or more folks to participate. You would be responsible for the price of your ticket.
2) Have a BIG neighborhood wide Yard Sale this Fall followed by a cook out. Probably in October.
3) An Argenta Flotilla has also been suggested for an up coming Saturday, or a week day if everyone can get off from work. This would be an all day event to the Caddo River in Arkadelphia. You would need to bring a floating device & your refreshments. If it takes place on a Saturday then you can rent a tube at the river.
Let me know your thoughts.
I know there are problems with being able to respond to the blog entry's (an issue we are working on) so please email me @:

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