Sunday, August 29, 2010

Argenta Yard Sale & Cook Out

I am making plans for the Yard Sale & Cook. The date is Oct.2- Saturday. Yard sale from 7-noon, then cook out @ our house from 1-4pm. I wanted to let everyone know about a couple of things:

Yard Sale:
1) I need to know who all will be participating so I can include you on the map.
2) If anyone wants to make up an ad for the paper that would be great
3) If anyone wants to donate Yard/Garage Sale signs for that day let me know
4) we are asking for a $5.00 donation from everyone participating to help pay for the ad
5) volunteers to help put up signs, etc

1) Music provided by Jerry Colburn- thank you Jerry
2) cook out is @ 216 West 6th st,  in the backyard
3) we are asking that everyone bring burger meat or hotdogs to throw on the grill
4) asking for volunteers to help w/ set-up & clean -up

I can be contacted @: thanks neighbors!

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