Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Urban Wireless

Urban Wireless has been providing wireless services to Argenta Neighborhood for several years, they are changing how they operate & want to turn over neighborhood services to Boosters. What they need is @ least 3 ( Boosters will take as many as we can get) homes that want this service to form a type of bridge from North Willow to 7th st & back over to the 200 block of 5th st. But the entire neighborhood could potentially connect to this network.
I need to know if this is something the neighborhood supports & wants. In the past there was no charge for this but I don't know if that will continue, I have asked that question & I am waiting on a reply. Please let me now ASAP so I can give the provider our response.
bnbragsdale@comcast.net or on the blog.

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