Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Car Break-In's

It has been pointed out to me that a number of residents may not have access to social networking & the computer and consequently may not be aware of the recent car break-in's. Please check with your neighbors; let them know to lock their car doors. I know a lot of people don't lock their cars because of 2 reasons, 1-they don't think they have anything of value to steal & 2- they think this will keep from having their car window broken. The thefts that have occurred have either been from unlocked cars & a thief just trying the doors. Or by a professional that has gained access with a secondary device that unlocked the car & did not trigger the cars alarm systems.
The police were at the last Boosters meeting & strongly encouraged everyone to lock their car doors & call 911 immediately if you witness any suspicious activity.
I want to assure everyone that 2 descriptions have been given to the police. I personally suspect that this is someone that has recently moved into Argenta & will either get caught or move on. There has been talk of  night time patrols by neighbors, if this were to occur please don't do this alone, take a phone, a flashlight & a dog with you. The NLR police have promised to beef up patrols after dark, as well.
Please warn your neighbors & lets get this guy off our streets!! Yes, the descriptions of have been of 2 men.

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