Monday, May 31, 2010

Boosters meeting 06/03/10

Due to holiday schedule the Boosters announcement will post late. So in case you are wondering, the next Boosters meeting is this Thursday @ 6pm @ First Pres. It will be a meeting for those folks that are interested in working on the Block Party. I really want to pump up the party up this year so I would like to see a good turn out.  We will not have a July Boosters meeting as it is so close to the holiday. I am also  hoping to have something different for Boosters meeting in August, I will announce this @ a later date. 
Hope everyone had a great holiday week-end. The fireworks last night were great and the bands weren't too loud, all in all I think it was a great Riverfest.
Get some rest today and think of a vet, Becky


  1. Becky & Boosters----I'd like you to consider my new band, the Ugly Stuff, for the Block Party.....I'll bring a CD of our just recorded album to Boosters. gracias! Jerry C

  2. thank you Jerry, looking forward to it.