Wednesday, June 2, 2010

L.R. Movie Festival

Hey guys did you know that the Little Rock Film Festival is showing  "O Brother Where Art Thou" Thursday night around sundown  at the Ball Park. I didn't know until I read the paper today, so I called them. There is a cook out @ 7pm for, get this, $5.00! They are serving Hot Dogs & Hamburgers. BUT, you don't have to partake of the food, you can bring your own picnic dinner & a blanket & the entire evening is free! Sounds like a great time to me. Ray McKinnon (who is in it) will introduce the film. Now I know most of you will be @ Boosters until 7 pm but this sounds like it could be a good time & you can make an evening out of it, first Boosters then the movie! The folks at LR Film Festival did say they are working with the concessionaires for other refreshments, ie: popcorn I hope. See ya' Thursday.

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