Thursday, November 18, 2010

We are home

Hey Argenta! Bob & I have been in Denver for the past week visiting the sons and are happily back home now. The size of Denver makes one appreciate our wonderful life here in Argenta. We saw pockets of neighborhoods that reminded us of Argenta but not one that would make me want to move out there. We did drive up to Boulder & Estes Park. Boulder is not the same as the last time we were there, corporate commercialism has moved in as the coolness had moved out. Estes is still the same but was blowing cold & snowing during our drive up there. We vow to return when the weather is warmer.
Wanted to update you on a couple of things. I did receive an email regarding public information that we have some sex offenders living in the 300 block of 7th street, here is what I have been sent:

Adam H. DOB 8/4/65
Sexual assault 2nd degree- Mr. H. had sexual contact with an 11 and 7 year old female.
Job- none Vehicle-none
Risk level 2.

Gary S. DOB 8/7/66
Rape- Mr S. engaged in sexual intercourse with an adult female.
Job- none Vehicle-none.
Risk level 2.
I have left off the last names as a matter of legality to this blog. If anyone wants the last names just contact me
This morning I noticed someone has "dumped" 2 sofas in Bubba's parking lot on 6th. Also saw some vagrants stashing their belongings in the doorway of the old church & taking a very public "whizz" on the tree adjacent the church. The proper authorities were notified along with Bubba's office. If anyone notices folks wandering the neighborhood with large blue bags & publicly exposing themselves here is the "non-emergency" police phone number: 758-1234.
Hope all is well & look forward to a great Thanksgiving.

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