Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More info on "Argenta Healing Arts"

Choose the class you would like to begin with and pay when you come in for that class.
Class schedule is;  Monday 9-10:30am for Advanced practice
                                            5:50-7pm    "   101
                              Tuesday 9-10:30 am  Vinyasa flow
                                             6-7:30 pm    Sweaty yoga
                               Wed 9-10:30 am Vinyasa flow
                                        10:30-12  101- beginner's class
                                       6-7:30 pm  "Yoga for cyclist" on location at chainwheel
                               Thurs 9-10:30 am Vinyasa flow
                                          6-7:30 pm Sweaty yoga
                               Saturday 9-10:30 am vinyasa flow
                                              10:30-12 Advanced practice
We do have a web-site we are perfecting and it is: www.argentahealingarts.com The different types of massages are there and class schedule for yoga, as well.

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