Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weird Happenings

Has anyone been noticing some strange happenings around the neighborhood lately?  Have you noticed an influx of new people causing chaos?
We had some type of hysterical/domestic disturbance the other night near the 6th and Willow intersection, 8 NLR police officers responded. I don't know exactly what happened but several folks were arrested, there were many children at the residence and chaos ensued. It didn't appear as if anyone was injured as no one left with the ambulance.
Then last night some one tied a dog to the partial fence by the old church at 6th and Maple. Poor thing howled for what seemed like forever. He was left there with a loose fitting chain. He became entangled in a post with multiple nails sticking out. We went out and tried to comfort and free him, to no avail. When he tried to jump the fence, that's when we called law enforcement for help. We were afraid he would accidentally hang himself on the fence. No one ever came to claim the dog so an officer took her to NLR animal shelter.
Has anyone had a similar experience as of late? Are you seeing any homeless folks wandering the area at night or anything out of the ordinary? Anything of concern? Please let me know so I can inform the proper authority's.

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