Monday, February 21, 2011

another occurance....

It has been reported to me that another disturbing event occurred over the week-end in the ally off the 300 block of 5th. It appears someone threw a rock (or something equally as heavy) through a rear window of a resident's home, as they were sleeping, in the early morning hours on Saturday. Police were called but no one was apprehended.
This is the second such episode in a less than a week and both incidents occurred off the ally between 4th and 5th. Please let me know if you have seen anything suspicious or you are having lighting issues in your ally area. In the near future, we will be taking an early evening walking inventory of street lights, in order to report them to the city. 
If you have concerns or have a street light that is out, please contact me @

 Spring is upon us and the warm weather may stir up mischief, so please be diligent, lock your doors, make sure you shut your windows and lock them before leaving, bring the dog inside, get an alarm if you don't all ready have one and then set it.
I am not advocating you live in paranoia but do try to watch out for unusual activites, like cars driving slowly by as if to be cruising, look after your neighbors property-call the police if you suspect something is not right.  If you are not comfortable calling 911 here is the NLR Police nonemergency number 758-1234.

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