Friday, September 30, 2011


I would like to talk to my neighbors about their sidewalks. Lately I have seen some issues that need to be addressed. Did you know that as a home or lot owner, or simply as a renter, you are responsible for your sidewalk & common areas maintenance? If you have grass growing up between the cracks you should be the one maintaining this growth. If you mow your yard you should be courteous & sweep the clippings from your sidewalk. If you put yard trash out, like clippings & branches, you should put this between the curb and the sidewalk. Not on the sidewalk. By the way, NLR picks up yard waste on Wednesdays.
Lately I have noticed that folks walking have to retreat to the street because stretches of sidewalk are overgrown and cluttered. The school for the blind brings students to Argenta for training as this area is safe and easy to navigate. The students are not the only ones to have difficulty due to overgrown vegetation and debris cluttering the sidewalks. The city code regulates a 7' clearance over the sidewalk and 9' over the street.
Be a good neighbor and keep your sidewalks clear. We do not want our lovely neighbrhood to regress and become a waste land of unkept lawns & sidewalks.

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