Monday, October 10, 2011

Dogtown Cookery

After hearing much local talk and then seeing the spot on Pam's Picks on channel 7 news, we had lunch at the new Dogtown Cookery on JFK. We wandered in with a large group following a "Sandwich Tour" by the History Commission so we had a bit of a wait to order.
Upon receiving our order, the first person in our group had the BLT, which she enjoyed. Bob had the Meatloaf sandwich and it was a hit, I will definitely be getting this next time. I had the Southern Revival Salad w/ Sorghum Vinaigrette, very nice!
 We of course had the cheese dip as it has gotten much press, they won the recent "Best Cheese Dip" at a local Cheese Dip competition.  The first bite was wonderful but with each additional bite it began to lose it's thrill as it was overpowered by the very salty thick chips. If I had any request it would be to change the chips to something lighter so you can truly appreciate the flavor instead of being overpowered by salt.
In addition to lunch, they serve all your favorite varieties of coffee and specialize in unusual ice cream flavors, such as Jalapeno. Unfortunately we were too full to partake of the ice cream, but there is always tomorrow!
I would highly recommend the Dogtown Eatery and plan on returning soon, however, I may bring my own chips if I order the cheese dip.

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