Thursday, June 24, 2010

Census 2010

NLR population drops slightly in 2009

The Census Bureau has released population estimates for 2009 and North
Little Rock's count was a few hundred below the 2000 Census total.
(Please note these are not the numbers from the 2010 Census, which
won't be released until December.)

According to the estimate, last year the city's population was 60,139.
That's a loss of 294 from the 2000 Census result of 60,433. However,
if there's a silver lining it's that the city's population has
actually be trending upwards over the past decade since a low of
59,445 in 2005 -- but still, that's only 694 new residents over four

Population is important because it impacts the revenue the city
receives from county and federal sources. Plus, a growing city is a
healthy city. That's why city officials made such a big push to get a
complete count of residents for the 2010 Census. It will be very
interesting to see what those numbers show when they're released at
the end of the year.

Anyone who'd care to sort through the full population estimate report
can find it at
and click on the "Detailed Tables" link to the right.

-- Eric Francis

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