Thursday, June 10, 2010

Main Street happenings

Did anyone catch the new ad for Hunka Pie? Great ad & great pie, I strongly recommend it. While you're there check out what's new @ Galaxy. Whenever I am  wandering about on Main with my Brody dog we love to coast into Galaxy to check out Wayne's newest & coolest. Love Paddywhack's , have spent a bit of cash there!
But hands down Brody's fav are the pies, you have never seen a sheltie so intense, it's either the pies or he has crush on Chris the pie guy. Sorry Chris I thinks it's the pies. What is it about pie? It just sounds happy, how can anyone be sad when eating pie? I want to encourage everyone in the neighborhood to stop by & have a little slice of happiness on a plate.
(the content of this editorial was in no way influenced by or endorsed by Galaxy, Hunka Pie or my dog, thank you)

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