Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sofa/Vagrant Update

Wanted to update everyone on the great sofa & vagrant caper. Well the wonderful code enforcement folks came by & picked up the dastardly sofas only to have the culprit return with more junk & dumped it in the same spot. Hopefully it will be picked up by Wednesday.
The vagrants it turns out may be associated with a recent meat theft at the Market. Please keep your eyes open & report any suspicious meat thieves you may see wandering the area. At last sighting they were seen approaching an area east of  Main & carrying blue garbage bags that appeared to be filled with meat & leaving a trail of blood. Believe me, my dog Brody picked up the scent quick!
Just as a reminder here is the non-emergency police phone number-758-1234.


  1. i missed the original post on this ???

  2. there's no "we are home" on my screen.....